The 10 Best Cheap Sunglasses

While on the beach the best cheap sunglasses is placed at the top of the books

Sunglasses serve a lot of important functions. And if you're looking for the best cheap sunglasses, you may have some reservations about them. After all, doesn't a cheap pair of sunglasses break easily? Aren't they of lesser quality? While these things can be true in certain circumstances, there are many pairs of cheap sunglasses out there that are well worth buying.

So, why buy cheap sunglasses?  Buying cheap sunglasses means you're saving money and that's never a bad thing. But, how do you shop for some of the best cheap sunglasses around? What qualities do you need to look for in a great pair of sunglasses?

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The Qualities of Sunglasses

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One of the first things you should look for in a nice pair of sunglasses is a sturdy frame. You don't want to buy a pair that easily breaks, as it could happen at the worst possible time. Not only is finding a sturdy frame important, but you need to know which types of lenses you're buying. Are they tinted? Are they polarized or non-polarized?

Another thing to keep in mind is size. Do you like sunglasses that cover your entire face? Or, do you prefer a more compact look? All of these features meld into one another, and all are equally important.

Polarized Vs. Non-Polarized

While buying the best cheap sunglasses you can find, an important factor to take into account is whether the lenses are polarized or non-polarized. But, what exactly is the difference between the two? Polarized sunglasses protect your eyes against polarized light. That's the type of light that bounces off of snow and makes it extremely difficult to see. If you buy polarized lenses, the glare that this type of light produces reduces drastically.

Although polarized lenses are better in most capacities and situations, they are more expensive. Non-polarized lenses don't protect you against this light and make your life a lot harder when doing practically anything. But, they are cheaper.

How We Chose the Best Cheap Sunglasses

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Finding the best cheap sunglasses isn't easy. However, this list helps narrow the field of contenders down to only the best. So, how did we choose them? Quality is key. None of the sunglasses on this list hold below 4 out of 5 stars rating in terms of customer reviews. They all hold up and are well-crafted. We also considered cost. Finding that balance between price and quality is what makes for the best cheap sunglasses.

The 10 Best Cheap Sunglasses

It's time to find out which sunglasses made the list. You may find a couple of companies on this list you've never heard of before. Perhaps this will open up a new door for you into the world of sunglasses and you can become an expert on them. Read on to find the 10 best cheap sunglasses.

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You may not have heard of Shady Ray's, but they're one of the many companies who dish out cheap sunglasses. When looking for the best cheap sunglasses, shatter-proof lenses are always a plus. And Shady Ray's provides just that with their Deep Timber pair.

The shatter-resistant lenses coupled with the matte deep timber design makes for an excellent pair of sunglasses. A Lifetime Craftsmanship fee means if they ever break you just pay shipping and handling for a new pair. If there's anything wrong with these glasses, it's not clear in the reviews.

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The Optic Nerve Tundra sunglasses have a couple of really great things going for them. First off, the Smoke polarized lenses look slick and help with visibility. Polarized lenses are almost always better than non-polarized lenses in most situations you come across. Not only are the lenses great, but the black frame looks excellent.

Customers give these glasses the highest score possible. Some shipping issues popped up, but that mainly dealt with third-party sellers. They are an excellent pair of cheap sunglasses.

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It's important to note that adults aren't the only ones who wear sunglasses. Kids also deal with the pesky sun, and these Ray-Ban's are a great choice if you're looking for the best cheap sunglasses. If there are any negatives to take away from this pair, it's that the paint sometimes chips away from the frames.

The positives for these glasses are overwhelming. They offer 100% UV protection, so you know you're protected against the sun. This model of sunglasses is also available in 14 different colors. Any color you want you can probably get. The lenses are great and offer wonderful clarity. Overall, these are an excellent pair of sunglasses.

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These rectangular sunglasses are a perfect choice if you want a pair that both protects the eyes and look stylish. The dark green lens color looks fantastic and adds to the fashion flair. The frames are large, so make sure you know this before you buy. If you're looking for more compact sunglasses, these may not be for you.

The materials used for the sunglasses are custom hand-made cellulose acetate and stainless steel. With akulon-coated German screws in the glasses, you know these won't break easily. They are a great buy for those looking for the best cheap sunglasses.

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If you're looking for a new pair of sunglasses to spruce up your look and turn some heads, then these Oakley polarized sunglasses are the right pair for you. These beautiful sunglasses aren't too big, so your face isn't entirely taken up by the lenses. Speaking of the lenses, they offer great clarity that few others offer. One of the negative aspects noted by a customer review speaks to the quality of their particular pair. Their pair had sharper edges than usual.

While most Oakleys are expensive, these sunglasses are available at a great price. With a fantastic price and the great clarity and reduced glare, this is one of the best cheap sunglasses you can buy.

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Finding the best cheap sunglasses doesn't mean you can't find big companies and fine quality. Take, for instance, these great sunglasses produced by Ralph Lauren. A composite frame makes for a pair that looks both stylish and sophisticated. The sunglasses have a composite frame and the lenses are made out of glass. The lenses are bigger than most, so expect to have your face covered.

Customers love the style but don't exactly like the wait for them to get delivered. However, that doesn't affect their reviews. 

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Armani is a name best known in the fashion industry, but it also dabbles in the sunglasses business. And it dabbles well, as these AX4026S sunglasses are some of the best you can find on the market. One of the things that might interest you about these sunglasses is that the material used to make the frames is plastic. Normally, you wouldn't think that plastic is durable. However, these glasses use plastic to their advantage.

The glasses come with a case and cloth and look absolutely stunning on your face. These are some of the best cheap sunglasses you can find.

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The KingSeven, by far, is the cheapest pair of sunglasses on this list. You have the opportunity to buy a pair of quality sunglasses. Although these sunglasses are a bit thin, they are well worth the price. An alloy frame makes sure they don't break easily.

Polycarbonate lenses mean the lenses are extremely durable. If they fall or get dropped, its highly unlikely they'll break. These sunglasses are perfect for outdoor activities and protect your eyes against UV rays. Customers mentioned how they love the durability of the frames. However, a few reviewers mentioned that the sunglasses felt too big on their face. Finding the best cheap sunglasses just got a whole lot easier when checking out this pair.

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Nike makes some of the best shoes in the world. While they dominate the shoe market, they also create apparel and a lot of pieces of sports clothing. They also make sunglasses, and Nike sunglasses are some of the best cheap sunglasses you'll find. The thing most liked about the sunglasses is the sturdiness of the frame. A negative aspect of the glasses is the fit, as it was a little too big for a reviewer. Other than that, the glasses are fantastic.

They're perfect for both casual use and sports. The lenses are rectangular and look great on the face. A wonderful gift for yourself.

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Arnette is a quality brand when it comes to sunglasses, although you may not have heard of them before. Worrying isn't necessary when buying these glasses. The major positive the reviews mention is the comfortable fit and the wrap-around style. It's great for both sports and almost any other situation you encounter in life. If there is a negative, its that the glasses may not fit bigger heads.

A propionate material is used for the frames and the lenses are polycarbonate. This combination makes for one of the best pairs of cheap sunglasses you'll find. Don't skip this pair when deciding what to buy.

Our Pick for the Best Cheap Sunglasses: KingSeven Aviator Sunglasses

You simply can't beat a quality pair of sunglasses for under $20. That is exactly what the KingSeven delivers, as the frames and lenses are durable and aren't going to break easily. They look great and will make you feel like you can take on the world. Don't pass these sunglasses up.

Try On Your Favorite Pair Today!

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Looking at all of these choices, it should be a lot easier for you to decide. Buying the best cheap sunglasses doesn't have to be a burden on you. In fact, it can even be a fun time if you know where to look. Take a trip to the store and try some on. You'll feel better knowing that you know exactly what you want and that you can get quality products without spending hundreds of dollars.

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