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Picture this: you're riding a rocky trail, tree roots jostling you as you fly over them. You hit a sharp curve, and suddenly a low branch from a maple sapling smacks you right in the face. Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but today you're wearing a cheap set of aviators, and the branch just shattered one of the lenses. Dang! You should have grabbed a pair of the best mountain bike sunglasses before your ride.

Thankfully you didn't get cut, or worse. You're standing there with the bike between your legs, spots of sunlight dancing around the ground between the shadows from the canopy above. You're rubbing your eyes and looking at your busted sunglasses. Does this sound familiar? If not, it could, because that's exactly what happened to me when I skipped out on a good pair of the best mountain bike sunglasses and went with my driving aviators instead. They're just not built for that kind of punishment.

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How to Choose the Best Mountain Bike Sunglasses

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Before you go and whip on the first pair of performance sunglasses that you find, stop to consider what shape your face is. You've probably stood in front of the tiny dented mirror on the sunglass turnstile and tried on various $20 sunglasses. But when you're about to drop serious cash on the best mountain bike sunglasses you can find, you want to make sure they look good. To do this, you can follow some simple rules.

First, whatever shape your face is, choose sunglasses that are the opposite shape. Do you have a delicate oval face? Go with rectangles for your sunglasses. Or maybe you have a square-jawed, high-browed box-like face? You'll look great in a pair of curvy sunglasses. You get the idea. The only problem is if you're one of those people with a triangle face. In that case, go for frames that are really big.

Next, think of the material you need in the frame. Light plastics are great for mountain biking because they can take a beating and don't weigh too much. Also, you can choose a nylon-based frame for something that is flexible and can withstand an impact. The trade-off is that it's a bit heavier and sweatier.

What's the difference?

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How much do they cost?

How We Reviewed

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Finding the best mountain bike sunglasses from among all the choices isn't easy. There are a lot of sunglasses to choose from. Many are cheap knock-offs. We didn't include them in our review. Instead, we scoured the internet for as much information as we could dig up about sports sunglasses in general, and then narrowed down our choices based on overall decent specs. Then, we checked out customer reviews to see what real people had to say. We built an impressive list of the best mountain bike sunglasses you'll find in 2019.

The Best Mountain Bike Sunglasses

We're confident that you'll be able to find the perfect pair of sunglasses for your mountain biking adventures from among our list. A great thing about our list is that there are men's sunglasses, women's sunglasses, and a lot of unisex sunglasses. Just remember what shape face you have, and then match it to a pair that suits your style. Have fun!

Another thing you should note is that we arranged this list in no particular order.

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First up in our list of the best mountain bike sunglasses for 2019 is Oakley's "Men's Radar Shield" sunglasses. You'll love these sunglasses because they're Oakley's tough plastic. The frame is plastic, the lens is plastic, and no tree branch is going to bust these up. The lenses aren't polarized, allowing awesome clarity while offering 100-percent UV protection. As with any good performance sunglasses, the frame stays out of the way, give you great peripheral vision.

Customers raved that these glasses are extremely comfortable and stay anchored to their head through thick and thin. Seriously, people raved that they never fall off or shift. There were no complaints about the sunglasses themselves.

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Next up is a pair of BLUPOND sports sunglasses that are amazing despite their affordable price tag. Firstly, they have a unique metal frame wrapped in plastic and rubber for durability. Because they're semi-rimless, you don't have to worry about the lenses popping out under duress. Second, the frames are lightweight and comfortably grip your head. You can wear these for hours, and they won't slip off. The lenses themselves are semi-polarized and designed to diffuse bright lights.

Many customers also raved about how sharp and clear they make everything look, and a lot of people loved their low-light capabilities. There were some complaints that at certain angles, the nose piece actually reflects light into people's eyes. Oops.

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Next are the Costa Del Mar Blackfin sunglasses. You can't get a more subdued, simpler set of sports sunglasses. Costa Del Mar has held back the wow factor and given us a straightforward pair of sunglasses made of highly durable polycarbonate. The frame is a nylon-injected masterpiece. It's practically unbreakable. You'll never worry about glare again thanks to 100-percent polarized lenses. What we love about all Costa Del Mar sunglasses is that each pair gets made by hand. That's just awesome!

People praised the comfortable, lightweight feel of these sunglasses. They don't slip off your head with sweat, and they're quality materials. There were no complaints. One person said he was married to his Oakleys but started cheating with these Costa Del Mars. Well, to each their own.

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Under Armour exploded onto the world of sports clothing fairly recently, and their Igniter sunglasses are giving Oakley a run for their money. First, Under Armour infused the plastic frame with titanium for unbreakable strength. The arms curve comfortably around your skull so they don't slip around when you're pedaling. The lenses are non-polarized but have 100-percent UV protection. You can get these in black or white, and honestly, they look cool.

Almost everyone said that they sit well on their face, and they're great at keeping sunlight out of their eyes. However, many people complained that they're just not the same quality as Oakleys, and the sleeves wear out very quickly.

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These Oakleys are easily some of the best mountain bike sunglasses. If Costa Del Mar wows with minimalism, these Oakleys hog the spotlight with dazzle. They are the monster truck of sports sunglasses. The frame and lenses are composite, and big, and stand out in a crowd. Best of all, the lenses completely wrap around the side of your face, giving you an unparalleled view. They're not polarized, so you get to see all the colors and lights, allowing you to react quickly when you need to.

Customers love that they can swap out lenses for different light conditions, but most importantly, they raved about how well these fit on their heads and the amazing all-around view they offer. People loved them so much, that there wasn't a single complaint.

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Next, we have the Tifosi Tyrant 2.0 sports sunglasses. You can call these true sports sunglasses, as their frames are completely nylon. They're lightweight and flexible and can stand up to punishment. Because they are smaller sunglasses, they'll appeal more to women than to men. You get a polycarbonate, non-polarized lens which blocks 100-percent of UV rays without taking away from your vision. You'll love that they wrap around your eyes, giving you awesome peripheral vision.

Many people wrote that these are tough sunglasses. They can take a volleyball to the face without falling off, or a tumble from a bike without cracking the lens. A few customers complained that the nose is too tight, but they were guys were bought women's sunglasses.

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The Mikasuki polarized sports sunglasses sport some of the most ergonomic frames you'll find. They've taken nature as their inspiration and created a non-slip, comfortable, durable frame that looks amazing.

The lenses are polycarbonate and highly durable. Plus, they're 100-percent UV proof. Because the nose piece is adjustable, you're going to get a perfect fit no matter what size nose you have. Best of all, they come with a lifetime warranty. We love that!

Almost everyone who bought a pair said that these were their favorite shades to wear. They're extremely comfortable and never break. Several mountain bikers specifically said these were the best for trail riding, as they're not too dark in the forest and not too bright in the fields. A couple of people complained that the sunglasses feel cheap.

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Oakley went out of their way to make a pair of sports sunglasses specifically for more fashion-oriented women in mind. The "Distress" sunglasses are one of the only Oakley sets with a metallic frame, which we're not fond of. Metal frames bend, and lenses pop out. Thankfully the lenses are plastic, so you're safe from shatter. Also, they're non-polarized, giving you plenty of clarity.

The lenses have a slight wrap around effect, which is great for blocking out sunlight. Unfortunately, these are full frames so you may experience some interference in your peripheral vision.

Most of them loved the style of these sunglasses, saying they look great. They also raved about how comfortable these sunglasses are. Several women used them for snowboarding and beach volleyball and had no problems, despite the metal frames. There were no complaints.

Plenty of Choices

Cyclist wearing the best mountain bike sunglasses while heading the road

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You have plenty of choices when choosing from among the best mountain bike sunglasses. If you're still slapping on a pair of metal and glass aviators to hit the trails, you'll need to get yourself a pair of real performance shades. It's safer, more practical, and better for your ride. Match your face to a pair of sunglasses, and hit the pedals.

Which is your favorite pair of mountain bike sunglasses? Let us know in the comments!

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