Shopping for Frames: The Top 5 Best Places to Buy Sunglasses

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Every fashion-forward person knows that their choice in sunglasses can make or break a look. So where are the best places to buy sunglasses that actually flatter your face and style? You might be surprised to learn that many of the best, and most innovative, places to shop for sunglasses are online. Whether you're into modern, affordable frames or vintage stunners, there's a sunglasses retailer for you.

Sunglasses, and glasses in general, need to be both stylish and functional. After all, what's the point of wearing a pair of gorgeous shades if they don't protect your skin and eyes from the sun? So how do you know if a pair of sunglasses will suit you? And where are the best places to buy sunglasses for your style?

The Best Places to Buy Sunglasses: Online or In-Store?

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The key to finding sunglasses that suit you doesn't just involve matching your current wardrobe. You also need to find a pair of sunglasses whose shape flatters your face. Even the most gorgeous sunglasses can seem unflattering if they're not designed for your bone structure. Some fashion experts suggest following a simple rule: pick a pair of frames that are the opposite of your face shape. If your face is square, aim for rounder frames. But if your face is round, opt for square or rectangle frames. You should also consider the size of your chosen sunglasses in reference to your face. Most sunglasses retailers will list the dimensions of their products so you can compare.

Brick and mortar retailers are some of the best places to buy sunglasses if you feel you must try them on first. However, they are not your only option. Shopping for sunglasses online might seem like a poor idea, but if you consider these tips, you can find a flattering pair of frames that truly suit you. Here are just a few of the best places to buy sunglasses online or in-store:

1. Zenni

Zenni Optical sells a variety of custom-made glasses for men, women, and children. But as a part of their service, you can also turn any of their frames into a pair of sunglasses. With this service, you choose the frame you like best. Then, you can choose the hue of your lenses and add polarization or photochromic (also called transition) lenses if desired.

One unique feature found on the Zenni Optical website is the ability to "try on" their frames without ever leaving your home. You can upload a clear image of your face and overlay their glasses to see which styles suit you best. That can help give you a little extra confidence in your new sunglasses purchase.

2. Sunglass Hut

If you've ever stepped foot inside a mall, you're probably familiar with Sunglass Hut. Most of their offerings are mid- to high-end designer sunglasses. But if you're looking to invest in your wardrobe and eye protection, they might just be worth the price.

Sunglass Hut is one of the best places to buy sunglasses if you absolutely must try them on first. But while Sunglass Hut does have retail locations around the country, they also have a full retail website. So you can either shop from the comfort of your home or venture out to find the perfect pair.

3. Etsy

If you're a fan of vintage style, or just pumped about recycling, then new frames might not be for you. Etsy is a handmade and vintage online marketplace where you can find a variety of stylish and rare items, including vintage sunglasses. You can search by price, era, and other keywords to find the perfect pair of secondhand shades.

Of course, you cannot try these glasses on in-person. And while sellers are often open to answer questions about their products, some are more approachable than others. So if you're concerned about quality control or the ability to try on a pair of sunglasses, Etsy probably isn't one of the best places to buy sunglasses.

4. Warby Parker

Warby Parker is another online glasses retailer who specializes in both normal eyeglasses and sunglasses. They offer a range of styles, from eclectic to plain Jane, to suit any taste. However, they also offer a range of features to help ensure that the glasses you buy are right for you.

On the Warby Parker website, you'll find a glasses fit quiz and their free at-home try-on offer. With these features at your disposal, Warby Parker is one of the best places to buy sunglasses online with confidence.


The MVMT brand is most well-known for its range of watches, but they also sell stylish and affordable sunglasses. MVMT offers sunglasses for men and women to fit a variety of styles.

While MVMT doesn't offer any fancy "try on" features or quizzes for you to complete, they do offer free returns if you're unsure or unhappy about your purchase. Plus, they do have limited retail locations so you can go and try their frames on yourself.

Finding a Pair of Shades That Suit Your Style

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With the help of these companies and their innovative features, buying sunglasses online no longer has to be a risky decision. In fact, many of the best places to buy sunglasses today are online retailers. And with technological advancements happening every day, this online shopping experience will continue to change and improve as time goes on.

Sunglasses come in a diverse range of protection levels, shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. And the Internet is one of the best places to buy sunglasses and see everything that popular retailers have to offer. So whether you're looking for your next head-turning set of frames or a basic pair to protect your face from harmful UV rays, the world of sunglasses is truly at your fingertips.


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