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Sick and tired of loose or falling shades on your face? It sounds like you could use the best sunglass retainer to keep things put.

Picture this: Its a bright, sunny day and you're strolling down the street in a great mood without a care in the world. You just got your brand new, expensive sunglasses in the mail and you're getting tons of compliments. Today just feels like your lucky day. Amazingly, almost as soon as that thought crosses your mind, you glance down and notice before you a crisp, brand-new $20 bill.

With a huge smile, you bend over to pick up your prize. However, a second later you watch in horror as your new $250 pair of sunglasses crashes onto the unforgiving hot summer sidewalk before your hands can react. One of the lenses is now cracked, and you soon realize you'll have to spend your new-found fortune to help pay for another pair of glasses.

Unfortunately, as you first pick up your glasses to inspect them, a bald eagle swoops down and takes the $20. All of this drama could be avoided if only you had the best sunglass retainer.

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Tips for Fi​nding the Best Sunglass Retainer to Fit Your Needs

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If you're tired of breaking or losing your sunglasses, there are several ways you can avoid this problem. The first method involves applying a generous amount of super glue so that you'll never to take them off your face again, ever. Another option is to instruct Siri to create a recurring reminder for you to check for your sunglasses every 20 minutes. Buying multiple pairs and leaving them everywhere you usually go is another option. Or you can buy the best sunglass retainer on the market and not look like a weirdo at your kid's PTA meeting.

Most retainers typically fit around the back of your head like a lanyard and further secure your glasses from falling off with some type of toggle or fastener device. With retainers, it's important to take into account the size of your eyewear's temple tips. Most fasteners fit over the end of these tips to secure themselves to your sunglasses. You want to follow the measurement instructions provided by the retainer's manufacturer to ensure you're buying the right fit for your style of glasses. It's also crucial that the fasteners come with a dependable return policy or warranty, in case they don't work out for you.

How We Evaluated to Find the Best Sunglass Retainer

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To find the best sunglass retainers, we researched numerous forums and social media pages dedicated to some of the most popular sunglass brands. We then compiled a list of candidates and chose the ones with the highest numbers of positive customer reviews. Customer reviews are essential because they tell us things about a product that we're not likely to learn from the manufacturer or retailer before we commit to buying. After we evaluated a lot of good and bad reviews for each product, we picked the best sunglass retainer based on features, pricing, and overall customer satisfaction.

Here Are the 9 Retainer Contenders

In our search to find the best sunglass retainer, we settled on nine products. Most of these products are designed to fit around your neck and head using either a cloth string or metal wire. We also found two stringless models which use other methods to secure your glasses.

Regarding pricing, these products can range from $5 to $50. That mostly depends on if they are in packages or different sizes. Also, it's important to note that not every product has a defined return policy or warranty.


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Our first product in our search to find the best sunglass retainer is the CHUMS Universal Fit 5MM retainer. This retainer features durable three-millimeter thick nylon perlon cord construction and has patented Universal Fit ends that fit most frames. It has a length of 12.5 inches and an adjustable sliding bead and is available in a wide variety of different colors and designs.

Chums offers a 60-day "Unconditional Love" money-back guarantee.


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The next challenger in our best sunglass retainer showdown is the Peeper Keepers Eyeglass Retainer. This retainer features patented Stay Put grips that are advertised never to break. It has a durable polyester braided cord that promises not to irritate your skin and comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth to help keep your sunglasses clear and clean. Finally, the package comes with three multi-colored cords and a mini-keychain screwdriver for your glasses.

Additionally, Pepper's Keepers offers a lifetime guarantee.


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The next entry in our best sunglass retainer contest is the CHUMS Original retainer. This retainer features seamless 100 percent cotton knit tubes containing surgical tubing ends that slide over sunglass earpieces. Furthermore, you can adjust the snugness with a sliding bead on the back of your head for added comfort and security.

Additionally, CHUMS offers a 60-day "Unconditional Love" money-back guarantee.


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The next finalist in our best sunglass retainer competition is the ONME Adjustable Eyewear Retainer. This retainer features a comfortable and durable 23.6-inch polyester braided cord that promises not to stink, fray, get sweaty, or otherwise get dirty. The ends fit securely on most sunglasses. Finally, you can adjust the tightness of the strap using an adjustable toggle near the back of your head.

Unfortunately, we could not locate any information on the company outside of Amazon. Therefore, the warranty policy is unknown.


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The next contestant in our best sunglass retainer tournament is the Cablz Original retainer. This durable and lightweight stainless-steel retainer features an adjustable custom fit that, when zipped, fits perfectly under hoodies, helmets, and other headgear. It also has a low profile to stay off your neck and allows you a full range of motion.

This product can cost depending on the size you order. Unfortunately, Cablz does not list a warranty or return policy for their products.


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The next model in our best sunglass retainer pageant is the WedGees retainer. This retainer features a completely strapless design. The end tips fit over the end arms of your sunglasses, securing them snuggly behind your ears. This product advertises that it relieves uncomfortable temple pressure and fits on sunglasses for all ages and eyewear styles.

Additionally, the company backs their product with a 100 percent money-back guarantee.


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The next strap claiming to be the best sunglass retainer for the buck is the Pilotfish No Tail Adjustable Eyewear Retainer. This retainer features a coated stainless-steel cable with waterproof silicone tips. You can adjust for a tight or a looser off-the-neck fit. This retainer is guaranteed not to get dirty or fray like cloth retainers and fits on all types of eyewear. Lastly, this retainer is in various lengths and colors.

Unfortunately, the company doesn't have any refund or warranty information on their website.


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The next hopeful in our quest to find the best sunglass retainer is Ukes Neoprene Sunglass Straps. These retainers feature soft, stretchy, durable neoprene material that is soft, waterproof, and stain resistant. Plus, it has a durable design that guarantees it won't fray and fall apart. Lastly, you can choose from many unique and fun designs and colors.

Ukes backs their products with a money back guarantee.


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Our last entrant for the title of the best sunglass retainer is the Keepons Superstretch retainers. These strapless retainers feature a comfortable, lightweight, allergy-free silicone construction that has a very discrete profile. They're also washable and don't retain dirt and odors like may cloth retainers. Finally, these retainers fit on adult and children's glasses, are hearing aid compatible, and work well for many sports activities.

Also please note, that this is an Amazon FBA product. Therefore, all refund and return decisions are up to Amazon, not the seller.

This Is the Best Sunglass Retainer You Can Buy

We concluded that the Peeper Keepers model is the overall best sunglass retainer. This model is easy to use, has a super long cord, strong grippers, and fits most sunglass models. You can also choose between a single or multi-pack that is available in many different colors. We should also recommend checking out both the Keepons Superstretch and WedGees retainers if you're in the market for a good stringless retainer. We hope this information helps you find the best sunglass retainer for your needs.

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