10 Best Fishing Sunglasses Under $50

Fisherman is holding a fishing rod and wearing a sunglass

If you’re a fishing enthusiast but not swimming in cash, the best fishing sunglasses under $50 are a worthwhile investment. The sun’s rays are harmful enough, but their reflections on the water are even worse. When you’re fishing, you have to watch the lake or ocean almost constantly. Fishing sunglasses will protect your eyes and also improve your game.

That is why sunglasses with fishing lenses and polarized options are out there right now. Those who have to drive, fish, or play outdoor sports are now more aware of the risk to their eyes if they don’t take proper care. You might be able to dig for worms if you forget the bait, but there’s no replacement for your fishing sunglasses.

So are you ready to add the best fishing sunglasses under $50 to your tackle box from now on? Don’t just grab the first one you see, though. There’s a lot to explore about buying the right brand of fishing sunglasses under $50.

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Why Fish with Polarized Sunglasses?

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The best fishing sunglasses under $50 might be on the cheaper side, but they should still be polarized. These work for drastically reducing the glare from the water. Your eyes are thus safe, and you might even be able to see the fish underneath the water more clearly.

Polarized lenses are by far the best option especially when you’re fishing in shallow water. Even when you’re offshore, such sunglasses will help you see the fish better and navigate your equipment properly as well.

Sun rays usually consist of two forms, UVA and UVB. The former is more common but less damaging, while the latter is the other way round. Polarized lenses provide protection from both kinds, so you don’t need to worry about either.

How to Buy the Right Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

You might believe that polarized lenses are the only choice when buying the best fishing sunglasses under $50. However, this could be a difficult task with the choices and price ranges available. Therefore, it’s worth checking out the following factors before deciding on any one pair:

Choose between glass and polycarbonate lenses

Assess your fishing style: inshore and offshore fishing

Assess your fishing style: inshore and offshore fishing

Check the lens curvature

Overall Pricing

Fisherman is holding a fishing lures and wearing a sunglass

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Fishing sunglasses come in several price ranges, just like most eyewear. If you go for the high-end brands, glass lenses, and premium materials, the price is likely to go way up. Compromising on these or other features will bring the price down. Hence, you may expect a price range between $20 and $250 when searching for the perfect pair of fishing sunglasses.

The best fishing sunglasses under $50, however, can also serve the purpose well when you don’t want to splurge on an expensive pair. Many fishermen may look towards these options as a quick replacement for previous models or for their first pair to see if it works out. Even within $50, you’ll find a range of prices from under $20 to over $45.

How We Reviewed

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We’ve reviewed the best fishing sunglasses under $50 on the basis of their features, lens options, price ranges, and much more. This way, there’s something included in order to fit every fishing enthusiast’s needs. The items all have high Amazon ratings and mostly positive reviews so we know they’re the real deal.

10 Best Fishing Sunglasses Under $50

We now come to the best fishing sunglasses under $50 for this year. These will help you make the best of your fishing attempts and protect your eyes from all kinds of damage:

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The ​O-LET Aviator Sunglasses are a unisex option that provides UV400 protection. They have the unique feature of glass lenses, which isn’t something you can find easily. The glass makes sure your vision is absolutely clear, with no scratches or distortion. You’ll also find some cool color combinations such as a shiny gold frame and gradient brown or black lenses.

Overall, you’ll be satisfied with the performance and materials of these sunglasses. The customer service is also appreciated, with a 360-day warranty and exchange service. Though the nose pieces may fall off quickly, the company has a record of providing replacements as soon as possible.

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The ​J+S Premium sunglasses are a classic style with polarized lenses and 100 percent UV protection. These will help you maintain a "cool" appearance while still having the benefit of crisp vision with little distortion. The scratch-resistant filter layers are durable and instrumental in keeping everything clear outside. As for the frames, they're a high-quality alloy with silicone nose pads that you may adjust to keep in place.

Reviews have confirmed that the UV protection on these is better than most other models. Besides, you can clearly see what’s going on outside, thus being among the best fishing sunglasses under $50. The solid construction is another plus, even if the frame might be a bit too small for some face shapes.

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The ​TOREGE Sunglasses are unisex and have a 100 percent UV400 coating, which blocks all the UVA or UVB rays that could otherwise harm your eyes. This brand also helps protect your vision by doing away with reflected or scattered light.

These sunglasses provide excellent clarity, polarized lenses, and a good fit. On the downside, they do protrude a little. If you like to wear a hat while fishing as well as the glasses, this might pose a bit of a problem.

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These Duduma glasses have a light yet durable frame with several more benefits, especially for anglers. The design will block out all UVA/UVB rays but wouldn’t affect your color vision much. Both lenses and frames are of polycarbonate, which is still resistant to scratches and dings. The seven layers on the TAC polarized lenses make for excellent light absorptions, polarization, sturdiness, and shatterproof protection.

These sunglasses fit well and are perfect for sunny day fishing. There have been some complaints about the lenses cracking or popping out, but the Duduma guarantee can probably take care of such issues.

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These Flying Fisherman Buchanan sunglasses are in the top range for the best fishing sunglasses under $50. That is due to their stylish looks as well as the polarized layer in the middle. They can sharpen your vision and enable you to see what’s going on just underneath the water.

The materials here are crystal and gunmetal, which reduce eye fatigue and glare as well. While the polarized lenses are of high quality, the nose piece might be too heavy after a while. There’s also no warranty, so you have to be extra careful.

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The ​KastKing Sports Sunglasses are a unisex option that provides polarized lenses, impact-resistant polycarbonate material, anti-slip nose pads, temple pads, and Grilamid frames. With these, you get to block the glare from your eyes while engaging in all kinds of fishing.

KastKing Cuivre lenses cut off glare and even pass the test of true polarization. They also appreciate the sturdy grips the small pads provide. On the downside, some might find them letting in too much glare from the bottom.

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The ​JiMarti Falcon Sunglasses aren’t a polarized option, but they’re a lightweight yet durable material. The lenses are shatterproof polycarbonate which is also resistant to impacts and scratches. They have a rimless and wraparound design, which enables a complete field of vision while still giving you protection from the sun.

These glasses hold up well and even feel strong to the touch. They can even withstand a few drops pretty well. Many do wish that it was a polarized option, but the quality for the price is outstanding.

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These Hulislem Blade sunglasses are definitely among the best fishing sunglasses under $50, as they’ve even bagged an FDA approval. Their design drew inspiration from aircraft technology, which their specialized features attest to. The lens coating, for instance, is glare-eliminating iridium. There’s also ventilation on both sides, meaning that you get some nice airflow without having to take off the glasses.

These sunglasses have a great fit and are lightweight enough to wear for extended periods. The accessories that come with the pair are yet another advantage. There are some sizing issues, however, so make sure to consult the chart beforehand.

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These ATTCL Men's Sports Polarized Sunglasses have a light metal frame and composite lenses. They're hence suitable not just for fishing, but also for driving, jogging, and a host of other outdoor activities. With the lightweight alloy of magnesium and aluminum, these frames won’t feel heavy even after wearing for a long time.

The wraparound design here is worth appreciating because it’s suitable for larger heads. This also completely covers the eyes and sits straight, providing clear and whole vision.

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These HAKA Sports Style Sunglasses are another polarized option which offers UV400 protection. They’re suitable for several environments and lightweight enough to wear all day. There’s a lifetime breakage warranty on the frames and lenses.

While they may run a bit small, these glasses have great quality and excellent view width for the price. The accessories are another great advantage, while the packaging is good enough for gifting.

So, What’s Your Pick?

Fisherman on the boat holding a fishing rod and wearing a sunglass

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We’d like to say that the Hulislem Blade option seems to be the best. It’s FDA-approved, which is one claim we can’t find about any other sunglasses on the list. The price range is also low, and the one-year warranty with a 60-day return policy should be enough. These assure us that there’s little risk in the purchase, while the Amazon ratings tell us we have a lot to gain!

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